Safety: Another Advantage of Grass-Fed Beef

When a beef recall makes the news, the US Wellness Meats staff fields numerous phone calls from our customers, looking for answers and reassurance.

In addition to the proven health benefits of grass-fed beef (thanks to increased Omega 3's and CLA), science has also proven grass-fed beef to have a lower risk of E.coli.

Grass-finished beef has a minimal risk compared to grain-fed beef due to the difference in gastric pH resulting from the two diets. Grain diets create a much higher level of acidity in the stomach, which the E.coli bacteria need to survive. Forage-based animals maintain a pH near 7 in the digestive system, which severely retards the environment for E.coli O157:H7, leading to less risk to the consumer. In addition, each batch of beef produced by US Wellness Meats is tested for E.coli two times before packaging.

Just another reason you can feel good about enjoying grass-fed beef from US Wellness Meats!

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