Back to School

Family vacation season is winding down and it is now back-to-school time for many students across the United States. Class schedules have been planned and school supplies purchased – but have you given any thought to what your children will be eating for lunch?

We have compiled a variety of tips and resources to help make lunchtime planning easier and lunches more nutritious and delicious:

Improving School Lunch Programs

Better School Food
- A wealth of links and resources to help start a revolution to improve school food

The Edible Schoolyard
- An inspiring and informative website chronicling a school garden and lunch program

Rethinking School Lunch
- A comprehensive guide to Rethinking School Lunch, essays, a wellness guide, and more - from the Center for Ecoliteracy

Tips for Talking to Your School Foodservice Director
- From the School Nutrition Association

Lunch Box Menu Planning, Recipes and Tips

Epicurious Back-to-School Guide

Meals Matter - Back-to-School Feature

US Wellness Meats Staff Suggestions
In the past couple of weeks, several US Wellness Meats customers have called for suggestions on snacks and meats to send in lunch boxes. Our suggestions include:

Beef Snack Sticks - free from preservatives, gluten, and MSG - but rich in flavor - snack sticks have a "lunch box life" of 3-4 hours at room temperature (longer if packed with an ice pack, frozen juice box, etc.)
Beef Jerky - a great snack with no additives, only pure protein and a clean beef taste
Beef Franks - child-approved for their great taste and parent-approved for their great nutritional qualities - and of course, no fillers or preservatives
Beef Bologna - like the franks, our bologna has a great flavor but lacks all the preservatives and fillers
Shredded Beef - Makes a great main ingredient in a taco, wrap, or sandwich

In addition, our sandwich steak, minute steak, flat iron steak, and precooked brisket and roast would also make great lunch box additions. Don't forget to add some organic nuts and berries for a healthy burst of energy!

We hope you have a wonderful school year!

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