Back to the Basics: Grass-Fed Advantages

With all the buzz and activity going on at the US Wellness Meats headquarters, we sometimes need to pause for a few minutes and get "back to the basics." We're busy processing orders, responding to customer inquiries, moving cattle to fresh pastures, traveling to trade shows, and of course, taste-testing products and recipes.

We started this blog to help share useful information, favorite recipes, and more with our customers. However, in this post we'd like to get "back to the basics" and share with you some of the advantages of eating grass-fed beef from US Wellness Meats. Our grass-fed beef:
  • Contains 4 times more CLA* than grain-fed beef
  • Has an ideal Omega 6:3 ratio of 2:1
  • Is high in branch chain amino acids
  • Has a decreased risk of e.Coli bacteria, due to low pH of first stomach
  • Provides 2-4 times more CLA* than grain-fed beef
  • Has 1/3 LESS calories than grain-fed beef
  • Has no solutions or chemicals added
  • Is not irradiated
  • Comes from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, with no antibiotics fed and no hormones added

Our grass-fed beef comes from cattle raised on the family farms of US Wellness Meats; from birth to processing, the cattle consume a grain (starch) free diet - and are raised with care, the way cattle were intended to be raised. As we like to say, "Our cattle eat right so you can too!"

*CLA Benefits Include:
Increased Lean Body Mass
Prevents Arteriosclerosis
Slows or Halts Diabetes

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